Suicide Survivor Counseling in NH

As a Suicide Survivor, one feels the ultimate: “Survivor’s Guilt.” Survivor’s Guilt is built in to the grief process.  One may say, “If only I did things differently, he or she would be her.”  This manifests into the grief stage of Bargaining…”If Only.” Also, there is the element of Anger (another grief stage).  The anger can increase, as the survivor continues to grief.

While facilitating a Suicide Survivors Support Group for NAMI (National Alliance of Mental Illness).  The Survivors discovered there were few people that could understand one’s grief and pain. Of course, anyone that doesn’t experience this loss, cannot relate. Sometimes, trying to understand the pain their loved one was holding, is fruitless.  The hopelessness and despair is overwhelming, and the loved one cannot see any other way out.However, this is not helpful for a family member to understand.

A Suicide Survivors Support Group may help you get through the next hour…

Call us today for an appointment at (603) 494-4175. We offer individual and group counseling or workshops. We proudly serve those in Exeter NH and the greater seacoast of NH areas including, but, not limited to Portsmouth, Dover, Rochester, Concord, Hampton, Stratham, Greenland, Kingston, Brentwood, Raymond, and Manchester.

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