Professional Caregivers & Job Burnout

As a Bereavement Consultant in a nursing home, it was my pleasure to attend to the needs of the Caregiver’s, Griever’s, and the Staff.

Caregiver’s groups can be placed in the facility for loved ones.

Griever’s, as residents, can benefit from one-on-one grief counseling

Staff, as staff members, it is not unusual for them to grief, if a Resident dies.  Therefore, debriefings will be established to help Staff members process their grief, and the secondary losses that may surface, as one is grieving.

If you or someone you know is a professional caregiver that could use some support or is on the brink of burnout, call for an appointment at (603) 494-4175. We offer individual and group counseling or workshops. We proudly serve those in Exeter NH and the greater seacoast of NH areas including, but, not limited to Portsmouth, Dover, Rochester, Concord, Hampton, Stratham, Greenland, Kingston, Brentwood, Raymond, and Manchester.