Individuals and Families Affected by Drug and Substance Misuse

Victims and Survivors of Addition - Counseling in NH

Are you a survivor of addiction? Have you lost a relationship or loved one due to substance abuse or misuse? We can help.

Families have a host of feelings, while afflicted by a loved one’s substance abuse. Currently, the opiate epidemic is insurmountable.  It reaches all social-economic households, as well.  Not many families are exempt from the mounting statistics.

As a family member, it is important to look at the genetic pre-disposition to addiction. The largest ethnic group touched by the genetic component are: The Irish and Native American Indians.

This may be a member from another generation, and the impact may be predominant in a child.

Please know, it is important to process the grief and loss of addiction, and define clear boundaries for yourself and loved ones, as well.  Also, an Al-anon group is helpful to join, as there are other families afflicted, and trying to cope.

If you are a dealing with a close friend or loved on struggling with substance abuse and need support, call us for an appointment at (603) 494-4175. We offer individual and group counseling or workshops to help those on the front line of drug misuse and substance abuse. We proudly serve those in Exeter NH and the greater seacoast of NH areas including, but, not limited to Portsmouth, Dover, Rochester, Concord, Hampton, Stratham, Greenland, Kingston, Brentwood, Raymond, and Manchester.