Individual Grief Counseling in Exeter NH

Individual Grief Counseling:

1)    A place for people to be able to process their grief, in a safe, secure environment.

2)   The ability to understand the grief process, as everyone processes their grief differently, and in their own timeframe.

3)   As a griever, it is important to know the process is vital, as one needs to go through their grief, and not around it.

4)   If one does not grief, and represses his/her feelings. It may manifest physically, emotionally, mentally and/or spiritually.

5)   Also, as one is healing from grief, it is important to channel the grief into something to honor the loved one.

6)   There are two types of grievers:  Instrumental vs. Intuitive.

If you or a loved one is in need of counseling due to loss, suicide or help coping with a loved one experience addiction or drug-misuse please call for an appointment. We proudly serve Exeter NH and the surround areas including, but, not limited to Portsmouth, Dover, Rochester, Concord, Hampton, Stratham, Greenland, Kingston, Brentwood, Raymond, Manchester