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Tapestry of Healing Bereavement Services


The death of a loved one is never easy to accept. It creates a sense of loss that manifests itself in many ways and can often lead to serious physical and mental problems for the survivor(s).

The sense of loss can also come from caring for a terminally ill or disabled parent, child or spouse and in many cases divorce.  No matter what the connection or how deeply involved you are, family, friends, husbands and wives are part of who we are.

As hard or callous as it may seem you need to move on for the sake of the living. Your family, friends and spouse all include you in the fabric of their lives. You have to survive for the benefit of the living.  

Do not underestimate the emotional and physical toll loss can have on you and the consequences for your loved ones.

Many find it impossible to cope with loss on their own. They have tried using their own devices and have failed. I will help you determine your ability to cope and work with you to overcome the obstacles that could prevent you from healing.


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